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Kenny Wing Chun Martial Arts Association-Chairman

Master of the Martial Arts. Ip Man Wing Chun (World Wide Martial Arts Council)

International Martial Arts Award. Senior Master (Munich Hall of Honour & Spirit)

Gold Award. Master Of The Arts. Ip Man Wing Chun. Suisse Hall of Honour

World Wing Chun Union- Wing Chun Contest Referee, Contest Instructor, Instructor & Committee Member

Ving Tsun Athletic Association 

Senior Instructor


B.Sc Psy (Hon)

Wing Chun is the 'Kung Fu' that can change your life in two months. But you need a good coach to guide you through.

Is this skilled person you?

Wing Chun Master Kenny Leung
About Kenny Sifu
Kenny Sifu is the Wing Chun tutor of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Lingnan University.
Qualifications :

-Chairman of Kenny Wing Chun Martial Arts Association

-Senior Master of the Year (Martial Heroes Hall of Honors)

-Master of the Martial Arts, Ip Man Wing Chun (World Wide Martial Arts Council)

-International Martial Arts Award, Senior Master of the Year (Munich Hall of Honour & Spirit)

-GOLD Award, Master of the Martial Arts , Ip Man Wing Chun (Swiss Martial Arts Hall of Honour)

-Wing Chun Contest Instructor, Referee and Committee Member of World Wing Chun Union

-Senior Ving Tsun Instructor of Ving Tsun Athletic Association

-Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Wing Chun Lineage of Kenny Sifu


Sifu Kenny practiced Ip Man Wing Chun. He was chronologically trained under Sifu Cliff Au-Yeung, student of Master Wong Shun Leung( Master Wong was one of the top students of Grandmaster Ip Man), Sifu Leung Kum Tong (one of the Ten Tigers of Sifu Leung Sheung who was the first disciple of GM Ip Man in Hong Kong), GM Samuel Kwok (GM Samuel Kwok produced several boxing world champions, he is one of the outstanding students of GM Ip Chun & GM Ip Ching), Sifu Kong Keung (one of the outstanding students of Sifu Lok Yiu & Leung Sheung) and GM Ip Ching (son of GM Ip Man).

Experience and Activities

Kenny Sifu served as Wing Chun Contest Referee of The 4th World Wing Chun Competition , 2nd Luocun Ip Man Cup World Wing Chun Invitation Competition, Hong Kong Cup International Wing Chun Tournament, the '2012 World Wing Chun Invitational Tournament ' (Held in Foshan, China) and the 'ICBC Cup of International Yongchun Invitation Tournament 2010'(Held in Foshan, China).

Kenny Sifu is experienced in organizing family activities, students training, staff development, club house and group training. He also helped organizing and participated in the Guinness World Record of World Wing Chun Union Charitable Thousand People Grand Performance 2009 in Hong Kong. He also performed Wing Chun in a rare special event, Autumn Carnival of the Foshan Cultural Festival in Foshan, China.

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