Kenny Wing Chun Martial Arts Association-Chairman

Master of the Martial Arts. Ip Man Wing Chun (World Wide Martial Arts Council)

International Martial Arts Award. Senior Master (Munich Hall of Honour & Spirit)

Gold Award. Master Of The Arts. Ip Man Wing Chun. Suisse Hall of Honour

World Wing Chun Union- Wing Chun Contest Referee, Contest Instructor, Instructor & Committee Member

Ving Tsun Athletic Association Ving Tsun Instructor


B.Sc Psy (Hon)

Wing Chun is the 'Kung Fu' that can change your life in two months. But you need a good coach to guide you through.


Is this skilled person you?



Wing Chun Class

(8 lessons. 2hr./lesson)  Adult HKD800 per month. C & Y or student card holder. HKD500 per month

(Free to attend any scheduled ordinary class)  Adult HKD1,000 per month.. Child & youth (below 18Yr. of age) or student card holder. HKD600 per month

●10% off for the first two months, two persons or above (20% off for the first two months)

●Students whose family is under Hong Kong Government Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA)  Scheme or under School Textbook Assistance Scheme can apply for 50% discount. Student with special need can apply for exemption of school fee.

●Welcome to sponsor student from low income family of the above scheme. Payment can be made by PayPal      account :  

● A one-time membership fee of HKD600 is payable after successful enrollment.

● Trail lesson: HKD250/lesson

● Classes will be suspended on public holiday

●All classes/activities will be suspended when No. 8 typhoon is hoisted.

Private Class

Fee:HKD700(1 hr.)  HKD1,000(1.5hr.) HKD1,200(2hr.)

Date, time and venue can be negotiated

Group Lesson (1.5 hr.)

Date, time and venue can be negotiated

2 persons:  HKD1,200

3 persons:  HKD1,300

4 persons : HKD1,400

5 persons:  HKD1,500

6 persons:  HKD1,600

7 persons:  HKD1,700

8 persons:  HKD1,800

Private Club /Private Interest Class/Staff development, etc

(For Reference only):

HKD100 per person (1.5 hr./class)

Date, time and venue can be negotiated

Social Welfare Agencies, NGOs and non-profitable organization

(For reference only):

(less than 10 persons) HKD500 (1.5 hr.)

(11 persons or above)   HKD600 (1.5 hr.)


Date, time and venue can be negotiated

Any other special requests:(Can be negotiated)

Wing Chun+ Leadership Training/Staff Development or Family Lessons

Registration/Payment :

1. In person at Rm.Q, 19/F., Block 1 ,Kingley Building, 35 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.

2. Contact by phone/Whatsapp at (852) 53480288

3. Please bring along with you a recent photo, ID card/Passport for registration.

4. Payment can be made by (PayPal account :  

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